Fujikin (Deutschland) GmbH

A Touch of Japanese Engineering in Düsseldorf.

Pioneering Innovation Since 1984

Since its inception in 1984, Fujikin Deutschland GmbH in Düsseldorf has established itself as the central marketing and sales office for the Fujikin Group in Europe. As a part of the Fujikin Carp Group, a leading manufacturer of high-tech products across various industries, we stand for innovation and technical excellence.

Our Transformative Journey

Our journey began in 1930 as a wholesaler of pipe-laying materials and machinery tools. Today, we are globally recognized for our precision valves and flow control systems, serving industries from semiconductors to aerospace and power generation.

Unleashing Innovation

Our ambition: to defy boundaries and challenge technological limits. With advanced research and production facilities, coupled with active collaboration between industry, academia, and government, we strive to be number one in every market we serve.

Safety and Reliability

The Fujikin Carp Group’s products are renowned for their safety and reliability, serving diverse sectors such as semiconductors, aerospace, and power generation. But we are not just manufacturers.

A Global Technological Innovator

As a technological innovator, we aim to explore creative partnerships across various industries worldwide, thus addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

The Düsseldorf Hub

In the heart of Düsseldorf, surrounded by one of the largest Japanese communities in Europe, we embody and breathe Fujikin’s core values – especially the drive to “create things that don’t exist.” We invite you to explore our extensive product range of over 40,000 items and join us in shaping the future. Your feedback and ongoing support are always cherished.

Fujikin office in Duesseldorf

A Story That Started from just one Valve

Connecting with the world through manufacturing.
The evolution of technology is Fujikin’s history itself.

Kojima Shoten

Junji KojimaKojima Shoten was founded by Junji Kojima in Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan.


Carp Trademark Launch

carp trademark The craft division is established. Kojima Shoten started selling products under the Carp trademark.


Fujikin's Milestone: Needle Valve

needle valveFujikin developed its first product, the Needle Valve. This was the year that marked the emergence of Fujikin as an industry leader.


Valve Delivery to Space Center

delivery to space centerValves were delivered to the liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen engine supply system test facility at the Space Rocket Development Center in Japan.


Innovation Journey: MINUCON® Valve

minuconSince the development of its first patented product, the Needle Valve, Fujikin has made countless technological innovations. I developed the basic technology for the pneumatic control valve MINUCON. This valve enables ultra-precise control at the nano-level.


Fujikin Rebranding

Company name is changed to Fujikin Incorporated.


Cosmix™: Revolutionary Ceramic Valve

cosmixA fine ceramic valve called the Cosmix™ was jointly developed with the KYOCERA Corporation. This revolutionary product was a sensational hit in the industrial world and won numerous awards in Japan and America.


European Market Entry

duesseldorfFujikin (Deutschland) GmbH was established in 1984 in Düsseldorf (Germany) to cater to the European market.


Ultra Cleanroom Opening

cleanroomFor the production of ultra high purity products for the Semiconductor industry, a class 1 ultra super cleanroom was completed and opened at the Osaka Kashiwara plant in Japan.


World's First: Sturgeon Cultivation Achievement

sturgeonUtilizing our fluid control technology, Fujikin successfully completed the world's first complete cultivation of sturgeon (Caviar fish) in a water tank.


Hydrogen Infrastructure Advancement

Fujikin's high-pressure valves for hydrogen are used at hydrogen refueling stations in Japan. Fujikin has had an increasing role in the production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen.


High-Pressure Valves for HRS

valve With the development of various high-pressure valves for Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS), Fujikin has had an increasing role in the production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen.


90th Anniversary Celebration

Fujikin Incorporated celebrated the 90th Anniversary.