1. Fujikin offers a variety of 2‐, 3‐, and 5‐Valve Instrument Manifolds.
  2. The 2‐Valve Manifolds are designed for static pressure and liquid level applications; the 3‐ and 5‐Valve Manifolds are designed for differential pressure applications.
  3. The flow through a Fujikin manifold is controlled by a series of stainless steel needle valves.
  4. Each valve has a specific function — to block pressure, to bleed off pressure, or to equalize pressure — depending on its location on the manifold.
    The control of all these functions is shared by two needle valve designs: 
    – a large bonnet needle valve for manifold orifices of 0.156 in. (4 mm)
    – a small bonnet needle valve for manifold orifices of 0.125 in. (3.2 mm).
  5. End connections ‐ 1/2 in. female pipe (NPT) ; flange (MSS) (Please refer to P149)
  6. The bonnet is prevented from loosening from a body with a lock plate. (standard)
    (There is also pin lock type. Please refer to P149)
  7. On both designs, the stem packing is externally adjustable in the open position. PTFE is the standard packing material.
  8. Distinguished by different colors according to use. with color caps


Instrument Manifolds (Fujikin)